As I sit down to start this blog, I am hit with the same feelings that I had when I decided that it was time to get serious about getting my family prepared in case SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan). Those feelings of “how the heck am I going to do this” have all come flooding back?  It seems like so much work, where do I even start, are people going to think I’m crazy? How, with a home, husband and three kids to take care of, will I have time to dedicate to this……? Well just like that I will tackle it a little at a time. Although I will admit, with the current events in America, the unprecedented censorship, and the “new cancel culture” we are living in, along with a global pandemic, I feel a greater sense of urgency to finish up my goals.


And that is my suggestion to you, chip away at it and before you know it, you will be full of knowledge you never thought you would need in a million years, while checking off your personal to do list to get yourself, or family prepared.  I’m the type of person who is going to tell you like it is, I don’t have time to beat around the bush and I’m going to assume that you don’t need to be reminded that we have become an instant gratification society, with supply always available to meet the demand until well, HELLO 2020. A lot of people were left with their pants around their ankles, unprepared, and literally out of toilet paper.


This is my continued journey of how I got into prepping and the things that I learned and the mistakes that I have made. Let me be clear, I would never consider myself “a professional prepper”. But I will tell you what I am, a wife, a mother of three kids and still the primary homemaker, and recently a full-time employee. We live in the Northeast where twelve inches of snow is no reason to call a day of school off. We have had hurricanes, ice storms, and heat waves and if you wait a half an hour the weather can change. A lot of factors to consider when I started my plan of readiness.


In my typical obsessive-compulsive nature, I went Savage mode and started spending every available minute on the internet researching prepping. That word, for some means its financial collapse, a foreign government takeover, a civil war, nuclear war fall-out, and on and on goes the list. I went down that dark rabbit hole of all the scenarios that could play out and it is a scary place to be.  Hours of binge-watching doomsday prepping I felt defeated before I even started. Let me tell you what I learned, in my opinion unless you have unlimited funds there is just no way that you can be 100% prepared for every disaster that could come along in life. And even money cannot prepare you for some crisis’s in life. This was not good news for the control freak that I am. PANIC and ANXIETY shot through me as the alarm bells started going off in my head. So how did I get through that one? My Christian faith kicked in, I learned that it I did not have to be ready for everything, because God is, and I just need to trust him. He is an endless source of comfort to me, but that’s a whole different blog.

Hopefully as you start your journey you have supportive people to encourage you and not think your nuts. My husband, well he thought I was crazy at first but let me tell you, who do you think had to eat crow when the China virus hit our shores and we did not have to leave the house for a month for anything! Still brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it. What did he learn? Well, it was time to stop fighting me on requests for big ticket items like a new freezer and a generator.


You may be wondering at this point what exactly am I prepping for? The answer is simple. To be able to provide food, water, shelter, and safety for my family for at least one year. I mean did you ever think you would see the day that in America we would have states with mandatory lockdowns? I sure as heck did not but I am deeply concerned with the direction things are going in this great country. My plan is to bug in (stay at home and not move to a secondary location) versus bug out (to a different location that is remote, fully stocked, and secure). I have been chipping away, educating myself for over ten years now, and the needs of my family have changed greatly. My children are no longer little and have turned into none stop eating machine teenagers. So, I must reassess often, soon I will have another college student and the process of sending them off to school with China virus running amuck, I will be reassessing AGAIN ugh.


I really hope you enjoyed the first installment of my blog, like when I started out prepping, I had no idea what I was doing. I would love for you to follow me on this crazy journey so that I can share my tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way. Some things I will be talking about in future blogs are “prepping” lingo, Staying and getting organized, The Bug out bag, It all starts with water! Food storage Huh? How do I do that? And a lot more complete with those lists I love to keep me and you on track!


Stay safe and well my fellow Patriots!

From Savage Journey Prepper


Savage Journey Prepper

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